Oisee is a tutoring coaching centre that provides a full solution for children to tackle their three greatest fears in learning:

1. There’s not enough time for fun if I spend too much time studying.


2. I don’t have any good techniques to remember learning content.

A young asian schoolgirl sitting in a stressful room from homework

3. There is limited evidence on improving academic result to please my parents.

3)	There is limited evidence on improving academic results to please my parents.

Oisee assists children in achieving excellent academic results while having fun.  The memorable learning techniques enable students to quickly absorb the learning material so that they spend less time studying.  Furthermore, the positive academic results children achieve will boost their self-esteem and reinforce their momentum to learn.  Consequently, Oisee has created numerous academic result transformation stories.

We have added three special ingredients that are different from other tuition centres to ensure our students can achieve the best learning outcomes:

1. All classes have a maximum of six students.

Small group sizes can enable an engaging and interactive environment for learning. Additionally, students can feel safe when asking questions because there are fewer people. This environment enables students to build confidence when asking questions. Don’t you think asking questions is one of the most crucial life skills?

2. Only students with similar academic levels are placed in the same class.

If students in a class are at similar academic levels, they are more likely to participate in class discussions, games and activities without the fear of failure.

3. Students and parents are invited to participate in exclusive events organised by Oisee.

These events will help:

a. Students can destress and bond with tutors and classmates.
b. Parents share parenting experiences and learn from others.

With our unique teaching style, Oisee has received numerous recognitions from various groups:

1. Referrals from a psychologist:

‘Oisee Coaching Centre provides quality education to students with learning difficulties.  Under the guidance of devoted tutors, students learn in an encouraging environment, and overcome their challenges in studying. The positive teaching approach sparks children’s interest and this instils a love of learning for a lifetime’.

– A Developmental and Clinical Psychologist, the Southeast Region of Victoria, Australia.

2. Positive feedback from students:

I started going to Oisee when I was 8 years old, and what I learnt from there really changed my life. I never liked learning maths or English, but the games and stories we play and create there opened a new window in my perspective. All the teachers treat us like friends, and everyone else is also very amusing and easy going. Not only is the learning environment a calming place, but everything that I’ve learnt so far is mostly from Oisee. Oisee helps everyone feel smarter than they are, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of my time there’.

– Diya Zheng, Year 8 student, Victoria, Australia

3. Positive feedback from parents – create a link to parents’ testimonial.

‘Highly recommend Oisee for parents that require a tuition place. Damon started with Oisee in 2019 when he was at Grade 5. At the beginning he was reluctant to go and complaining every time I had to drop him to the centre. But after 2 weeks, I can see that he had stopped complaining but were happy and eager to attend the class. He told me that Mr Yee (Maths) and Seth (English) has made him started to love Maths and English and he felt clever after the tuition every time.  Really appreciated Oisee help to Damon success to get into EDSC’s Alpha Class… Big Thank You to Oisee – Damon will love to continue his high school journey with Oisee’

– Siew, a parent of an Oisee student, Victoria, Australia

4. Positive feedback from teachers creates a link to teachers’ testimonials:

‘If you are looking for a tutoring centre that not only enables your child to grow academically but also in their character, Oisee is the place to be! Focusing on the holistic development of your child, Oisee integrates professional tutoring with nurture and care to bring out the best results and outcomes for your child’.

– Tim Xie, a secondary school teacher, Victoria, Australia

There are eight reasons why people choose Oisee as their children’s coaching school:

Oisee is not only an academic coaching centre; it is also a complete solution for your child’s personal development.

Would you like your child to develop a transformation story?

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