Mathematics is also regarded as the queen of science, given that most of the science concepts are developed based on mathematics disciplines.  By studying mathematics, it can help us develop better systems for problem-solving and solving real-world issues.  However, many students do not have sufficient time to build a strong mathematics foundation in earlier years, resulting in falling behind as they move to study more complex concepts.

Oisee’s educational approach is to teach students using a customised approach, enabling them to consolidate the previously learned concepts and take on challenging questions to enhance their analytical skills.  Oisee teaches mathematics with interactive games to keep students motivated and interested, creating a positive and collaborative environment for students to learn.

Since it's establishment, Oisee has created numerous academic transformational stories:

‘My daughter, Sammi, is nine years old and studies in Oisee for 2 years. She enjoys mathematics tutorial. She develops more interest in mathematics and builds up confidence in solving the mathematical problems. I like their tutoring method which consolidates the basic skills and foundation. I think it is essential for learning advance mathematics in future’. 

– Mo Li, father of Sammi

‘I have found Oisee to be very beneficial. My youngest son does the weekly group lessons which he finds is fun, engaging and challenging. He is now working way beyond his year level. He looks forward to every class and has gained a lot of confidence. Most importantly, he loves maths now. I highly recommend Oisee!’ 

– Paris, mother of James

Oisee’s course materials are developed based on the Victorian Curriculum. For more details related to the Victorian Mathematics syllabus, please see the following links below:

Year 1 to 10:  Mathematics – Curriculum – Victorian Curriculum (

Year 11 to 12: VCE Mathematics Study Design (

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