English is the most important subject in school, a compulsory subject in secondary school, and the main language for studying any subject.  Further, English is the most used language worldwide.  In other words, English can improve the quality of living by broadening our mindset, learning opportunities and gaining career opportunities.  These are the essential ingredients to create more options towards achieving our personal goals.

However, children may not have the motivation to learn as they do not see the long-term benefits.  Therefore, Oisee’s teaching approach is tailored to motivate students’ interest, specially designed to make the course interactive, fun and educational.

Oisee has created numerous academic transformational stories:

‘I joined an English class. I liked it a lot because it taught us English with books and topics that we like, and not a textbook. This made the lessons a lot more fun and interactive as the teacher read this book before, with that, students can learn both the story line and the writing style … They are always fun and educational’. 

– Alex, Year 5 student

‘If you are looking for a tutoring centre. I will highly recommend you Oisee. There are only maximum 6 students in one class. So, the individual’s learning needs
can be fulfilled. All my three daughters go there for English and Maths tutoring. The teachers there are very loving and encouraging’. 

– Susan, parent of an Oisee student

Oisee’s course materials are developed based on the Victorian Curriculum.  For more details related to the Victorian English syllabus, please see the following links below:

Year 1 to 10: English – Curriculum – Victorian Curriculum (vcaa.vic.edu.au)

Year 11 to 12: VCE English/VCE EAL Study Design (vcaa.vic.edu.au)

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