Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you considering enrolling your child into an after-school tuition program? Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have a question not on this list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. How many students are in one class?

 We are committed to providing quality education by implementing student-oriented small group primary and secondary tutoring. A maximum of six students is in           each group to teach students on an individual level.

2. Is there an enrollment fee and material fee?

Yes. The enrollment fee is $40 for a new student, and the material fee is $30 per term.

3. Is there an early bird discount?

An early bird discount is for current students only.

4. Is there any discount if students enrol in more subjects?

Yes. Students will have 5% off on the total cost when enrolling in two or more subjects per school term.

5. Is there any one-on-one (private) sessions?

Yes, please contact us for more details.

6. Is there any assessment test?

Yes. Before starting with Oisee Coaching Centre, your child(ren) will sit a free assessment test so that we can completely understand their individual needs. We use        their assessment result to allocate them to a suitable class level. Therefore, your child will receive appropriate tutorial work. Our program IS NOT merely putting your      child into a ‘level’. We understand and consider your child at all times.

7. Is there any trial lesson?

New students can pay for one lesson as a trial lesson.

8. How long is the program?

Each program is for one school term. (i.e., approximately 10 weeks)

9. Do you have any term break for tuition?

Yes, we will have two weeks of term breaks between each term. There are no normal classes during the term break.

10. Will there be any lessons during the school holidays?

We understand students might be involved in different activities during the school holiday, so we do not have normal classes during the school holidays. However,          we will have a special program during the term break.

11. Does this program help my child with their schoolwork?

Our program follows the Australian Curriculum. Our program will provide tutorial materials, which are complementary exercises that further the learning your child          has undertaken at school.

12. What kind of results will I see in my child?

As your child learns with us, their concentration and self-confidence will increase. You will also see a great increase in their independent study skills, leading                    to academic improvement. The ‘speed’ of improvement will depend on the individual; however, many parents have noticed a remarkable change after one program.

13. What qualifications do Oisee Coaching Centre managers and tutors have?

Many of our staff have a background in teaching and working with students. All staff are trained Oisee’s Tutors who require at least tertiary                                                    education and experience working with children. All staff are screened before the Oisee’s training and have a current Working with Children Check.