About Us

Our Philosophy

Learning is like building a tall tower.  The higher the tower is, the higher the academic achievement will be.

Our mission is to help students build the tallest tower in their life. As every child’s personality, capability and academic starting point are different, the techniques we use to build their tower also differ.

      ·     If the tower has a strong foundation, we help students enhance the speed of building tall towers, enabling them to face challenges and experience satisfaction by providing an appropriate level of higher education.

     ·      If the tower has a weaker foundation, we help students diagnose the weaker point and build reinforcement by injecting interactive learning techniques, positive recognitions and fun activities. This will enable the child to build a stronger foundation, preparing them for the next phase of the tower’s construction.

In reality, external factors can have a detrimental impact on constructing a tower, including poor habits, negative peer pressure, and unrealistic expectations from others.  Therefore, we provide resources to help students manage these factors.

Additionally, we advocate bonding between the tutor and students and among students. This bonding will enable children to love learning, creating an ongoing momentum for constructing their educational tower.  Once your child can get to this state, the child can learn easily and effortlessly without parents’ guidance because they love to learn.  This is comparable to your child not needing your extra encouragement when asking them to eat ice cream. Don’t you agree?

Teachers won’t be mad at us for doing bad in our homework, instead, they will be happy to help and encourage us to do better by teaching us fun facts to re-establish my confidence in learning’- Alex, Year 5 student

Our Experience

With over 30 years of international experience working with talented students, students with potential yet to be explored, and students with disadvantaged backgrounds, the founders of Oisee continue to refine the educational approach to provide the best learning outcomes for their students.

For example, we note that the Australian Mathematics Curriculum covers various topics. However, each topic does not go in-depth, leading to difficulties when students are faced with more challenging questions.  As a result, our learning materials are specially designed for practising a specific topic and strengthening the knowledge they have learned in the past, enabling students to solve problems by applying different tools, preparing them to solve complex problems in the dynamic world.