Programs During Term Breaks

Holiday Program

During term breaks, students need to have a rest.  Conversely, some students choose to have some fun during the break.  As a result, Oisee has created two programs during the holiday: (1) the Holiday Program and (2) the Competition Preparation Program. 

Oisee has developed an activity-based program for students to learn using game-based activities without following a set curriculum for the Holiday Program.  This program aims to demonstrate to the students that learning does not only occur in the classroom and learning can also be fun.  During this program, students can learn mathematics, English and science, personal development and social skills via different activities, including:

      ·        Drama

      ·        Public Speaking

      ·        Debating

      ·        Magic

      ·        Problem-solving

      ·        Science experiments

      ·        Arts

The Competition preparation Program

The Competition Preparation Program is specially designed for students interested in Mathematics and who aim to achieve top results in International Competitions and Assessments for School (ICAS) or Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC).  In this program, students will learn the most efficient technique to solve some of the most complex problems in the competition.

‘My Children started with Oisee about 3 years ago. We are extremely satisfied with the way the tutors approached to each of our children. Ms. Sum is very kind, she treats my daughter like her own. And Mr. Yee always made Math fun to learn. Same with other tutors all are very kind and dedicated. Couldn’t recommend Oisee enough’.

– Tantri Setiawan, parent of two Oisee students

If you would like to enrol your children in this program, please contact us by clicking the Contact Us button.